Welcome to my blog!


This web page is a combination of a personal and travel blog. I have separated my blog into three separate sections to help you navigate through the blog to find the content you are looking for. 


Nomad Life - This is an area of the blog that is specifically for articles that relate to travel including tips and tricks for travel, as well as what it is like to essentially be homeless in the best possible meaning of the word. Meaning that you are free to travel and live wherever your heart leads you. 

Travel Stories - This one is pretty self explanatory, its about the experiences that I have had whilst traveling. It will include some of the best places I've stayed, places I would recommend as well as the ones that I would avoid. 


Daily Life - This is the personal section of my blog, where I write about my life, both the good and the bad. As I am on a healing journey, I am trying to release a lot of the negativity in my life, but it is certainly starting to get more positive and I look forward to being able to share that with all my readers. 


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