My First Vipassana

first vipassana

My first vipassana I knew would be hard. I’m a big talker, but I wanted to do it to help clear my mind. I was not prepared for this.

Vegan Life


Vegan life is so much easier than you’d think, and with so many benefits! Including your health, the environment and stoping animal torture.

2019 in Review


Suicide, abuse, work, drugs, you name it. 2019 in review is not a happy story. But it does have a hopeful ending. Here’s to 2020!

Christmas In India

Christmas in India

Christmas in India was certainly different to anything I have ever experienced. But I am glad to have been surrounded by good friends.

How I travel the world for free

travel the world for free

Travel the world for free, seriousy, do it. It will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. And did I mention, it’s free?

Becoming a Nomad

becoming a nomad

Becoming a nomad is one of my greatest achievements. Both for my mental health and my physical health. Everyone should do it!