Daily Life

Daily Life · 28. July 2020
Four times I have been able to cheat death from Anaphylaxis while in India. The last two times have been during the Corornavirus Pandemic. This is what to expect if you're unlucky enough to have the same experience.
Daily Life · 27. May 2020
They tell you not to fall in love during a pandemic because people are just bored, they’re not in love. I’ve never been one to listen to what other people tell me to do, so naturally being me, this is of course the time that I fell in love. With all this extra time it’s hard not to fall in love, life is so beautiful and we finally have the time to really appreciate it. We all have the time to finish something we started a long time ago but didn’t finish, read the book we bought months...

Daily Life · 14. May 2020
I live with a number of chronic degenerative diseases in my back. Western health care has failed me, so I am on my own healing journey. This is my story so far.
Daily Life · 14. April 2020
An update of all that is happening in Lala's land during the crazy times of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Daily Life · 17. February 2020
The intention of this blog post is purely for myself, to release the issues I have held so closely and struggled with (mainly internally) for the past 17 years of my life. I am going to speak about each of the times that I was sexually assaulted in detail so that there is no more confusion in my mind and I am able to set myself free. This is exceptionally hard and confronting for me to write, and I am not expecting any comments on it, however I am strongly against any negative comments...
Daily Life · 05. February 2020
I have just used the menstrual cup for the first time and this is what I found.

Daily Life · 12. January 2020
This blog is designed to help people understand how to go vegan, how it will change your body and the positive impacts that it can have on our environment.
Daily Life · 30. December 2019
Wow, what a year 2019 has been! The year started with severe depression and attempting to make some changes. My mental state had deteriorated to the point where I was contemplating suicide on a daily basis because I just couldn’t see any possible way for my life to improve, I honestly just thought that life just wasn’t my thing and that I would be living in a constant state of depression, which there was no point to. I was unable to sleep, getting an average of 3 hours a night which was...


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