Nomad Life

Nomad Life · 26. August 2020
Living as a nomad is the greatest way I have lived so far. And after having met many others, I realized that I had discovered the cheapest way to do it!
Nomad Life · 01. April 2020
How the worldwide pandemic has impacted my life personally and the hard decisions I have had to make to keep myself free from the instabilities of a crumbling world.

Nomad Life · 22. March 2020
This is my experience with the begging of the Corona Virus pandemic and how I am handling it.
Nomad Life · 14. February 2020
Here is the detailed explanation on how Worldpackers works and how I use it to travel the world for FREE!!

Nomad Life · 08. February 2020
Living in hostels is great fun, especially in India. Here is the best of it!
Nomad Life · 12. December 2019
I stumbled across the ability to travel the world for free and save money while doing it!

Nomad Life · 09. December 2019
Why I chose to become a nomad and leave the conventional life behind.


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