I’m a creative person, and also a huge nerd who likes to have my fingers in every single pie there is at the table! My work generally revolves around social and climate justice, but I also just love doing other things! I have an obsessive type personality, which means when I find something I love, I do it incessantly until I become pretty damn good at it. 

With my background in business management (pre-burn out and the birth of Lala) and my career in marketing, I’ve pretty much become an unstoppable machine who is pretty steadfastly commited to changing the world. 

Here’s a bit of a brief of each of the businesses and companies that I have either solely founded or co-founded to help you get a bit more of a feel for who I am as a person and what motivates me. You can click on any of the logo’s to be taken to the website for that business. 

GroTru is a company I have co-founded in America, with the goal to give Black & LatinX entrepreneurs the advantage. I could go on for DAYS about why this platform is needed and the social injustices that have led to this company unfortunately being necessary, but I’m sure if you’re a follower of mine, you’re already quite across that. 

My role in this company is to lay out the financial viability, financial projections, branding, designing and building the platform, and of course the marketing. 

Primarily my job roles within the company are as the CFO & CMO, but these will be eventually handed over to Black & LatinX entrepreneurs when the business has grown enough to allow for that. 

The Hoodwinker is a company I founded in Australia to create a high-quality jewellery option without negative environmental impacts. This means no harmful mining, completely plastic free, recycled materials and lab created stones when we have no sustainable options for the aesthetic we provide.

I’ve managed to develop my own algae-based clay which I use to create my more colorful and quirky pieces. But aside from that, we use 925 sterling silver for all of our pieces, and they generally fit in with my personal aesthetic. 

I run this company alongside my beautiful partner, and have fond memories of our humble beginnings, hustling hard at our local markets. 

Fallacies of Tomorrow is my first-ever novel! After reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, I felt incredibly inspired. I felt that he discussed so many important topics that needed to reach a wider audience. So I decided to take his concepts and create a fiction novel, hoping that it would help his messages reach a wider audience. 

Fallacies of Tomorrow is the first in a planned trilogy. It follows world leaders catching an accurate view of 20 years into the future. This has a heavy focus on the progress of technology and our dependence on it, as well as the impacts it has on the lives of your average person and the climate. 

With an unfortunate experience with the publishers I signed with in 2021, I still have no idea of a publication date. 

Booming Businesses is a company I founded in Australia while I was living in India. It’s a marketing company I started after being outraged at how much small businesses were being charged to create a website (which they obviously need to succeed in this day and age) and how much the people who were actually building them were getting paid. 

The intention of this company was to give small businesses a chance to actually break into the market and give them a shot at success, while also paying freelancers what their work was worth. Essentially, it was just to stop big companies from making huge profits by exploiting people. Gotta love capitializm hey!

These days I don’t work with any freelancers and execute the work myself as I’ve stopped promoting the business to focus on other projects and don’t get an overwhelming amount of organic work. But it still operates because I LOVE being able to help small businesses bring their vision to life and helping them succceed. 

So I don’t actually have a website for this one ( I know, insane!) I just use Instagram instead! But this is my place of PURE BLISS! Painting was a big part of my healing process in India, other than the brutally honest blogs I was posting on this website. 

My process? I look at a blank wall and I know EXACTLY what I want to put there. I’m a big fan of interactive art, for example this swing painting I did in the picture next to this. It’s a space where people can take a photo in front of it, which is so much fun for me, great for the businesses where I paint them, and also fun for the people who get to snap their pics! 

Since I got back to Australia it’s not been a lot of murals unfortunately, but I’ve been using canvas and can’t wait until someone offers me a wall again!